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About Us 

Viewpoint Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Richmond, VA. We provide food, clothes, emergency assistance, and other resources to low income individuals throughout Richmond and the surrounding areas. While our community events are open to the public, our aim is to link those in need with the necessary resources and basic necessities needed to live healthy and productive lives. We also have specific outreach events that cater to our homeless neighbors to assist with food, clothes, linkage to medical and mental health services, assistance with home placement, job searches, and employability skills.

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Illuminating Intersections: Hunger and Health 

Healthy bodies and minds require nutritious meals at every age. But when people don’t have enough food or have to choose inexpensive foods with low-nutritional value, it can seriously impact their health. And once the cycle of poor diet and poor health begins, it can be hard to break. Watch the video below to learn how hunger can affect the daily lives of 1 in 8 Americans:

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